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This summer marks 35 years that I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with children and families in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. Having grown up in Boston and trained at Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital, I need to disclose I am still a Red Sox fan. My expertise lies in rendering therapy to children and families and consulting with parents to help them make sense of and deal with the myriad of challenges that our children present. I do not conduct Psychological/Educational Evaluations so, if necessary, I will refer families to our local experts.  I am somewhat old school and not quick to refer children for medication evaluation. I enjoy strong working relationships with our local Child Psychiatrists and will refer you to the appropriate Physician if necessary.   

My job is to create a therapeutic milieu in which you and your child feel safe, validated, cared for and understood. The work takes place in this carefully constructed relationship, for without it; we are just spinning our wheels and wasting time and money. Your child needs to feel that "I get him/her" and you need to understand that while you may hear me share thoughts, comments and observations with your child that you have shared "a million times", it is vastly different when it comes from "Dr. Joe".

I do not treat children in a vacuum. My approach is to fully involve the child's family as well as his/her teachers in the child's treatment and to communicate with them regularly.

My weekly case load reflects the national divorce rate of approximately 50%. Please understand that if you are divorced/never married, and you wish your child to be seen, I will make every effort to contact the other parent to gain his/her permission before making an initial appointment.  The decision whether or not to see a child when one parent has chosen not to give consent is done on a case by case basis. 

I understand that you may be feeling anxious and possibly overwhelmed by the time you reach out to make contact and discuss your concerns.  Step one is to call the office and leave your information so I can call you back to discuss your concerns. I will not see your child unless, after our conversation, I agree that your child needs to be seen and given your description, I am the best child psychologist I know for the work. Should you be in need of a professional service that I do not provide, or should you describe a situation that is not a great fit for my experience and skill set, I will refer you to the Psychologists in our area who are best suited to provide the services you require.

Regardless of your reason for having your child come in, it is my passion for helping him/her reach their full potential and for becoming self confident, happy and well-adjusted. 

Individual Child Therapy & Family Therapy

Education and Training

  • Psychology Resident - Jack N. Singer, Ph.D. and Associates Plantation, FL
  • Clinical Fellow in Psychology at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
  • Psychology Intern - Human Relations Service Wellesley, MA
  • 1987 Ed.D. Boston University, Boston, MA Doctorate in Counseling Psychology
  • 1983 M.Ed. Northeastern University, Boston, MA Major: Elementary School Counseling
  • 1977 B.A. Clark University, Worcester, MA. Major: Psychology

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  • Dr. Joseph Rabinovitz, Ed.D., P.A.
  • 2295 NW Corporate Blvd., Suite 231
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • Phone: 561.241.8822
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