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For years comedians have posed the question, "Why don't children come with manuals?" In fact, in today's highly technological society, shouldn't we be able to go on Youtube to find the answers to the myriad of challenges we face as parents? I wish it were that simple.

Raising mature, confident, and competent kids is perhaps the most significant challenge you will ever take on. Consider this simple fact - What if you and your child have different personalities? Now add to that the countless critical factors that come into play multiple times a day, and you will understand why so many parents look back wistfully at very challenging careers and state, "Wow! It was so much more comfortable doing (fill in the blank) than being a mom or a dad.”

Parenting is so challenging because just when you think you have a "handle" on how to act with your child, he/she has quickly jumped into the next developmental stage. Our children experience levels of drama that I don' t remember existing when I was a child.  The advent of technology and social media has not made it easier for our children to face their daily responsibilities and challenges with full confidence. Besides, our world has changed so drastically that the very act of seeing your child off to school in the morning can cause you high anxiety.

While some children and families will require individual or family therapy, working with parents without children present can be an essential and rewarding use of time. We all bring our conscious and unconscious "baggage" to our role as parents, and discovering the powerful impact this has on your parenting style is critical to understanding why we often feel stuck and overwhelmed. It is vital to have a consistent approach across the board.  

Parenting Sessions are fast-paced, compelling, and informative. As a Child Psychologist, it is not my job to teach you how to parent, but rather, work with you and your skillset to become the mom or dad you always thought you would be. As the father of two adult children, I can state that while I may not have worn your exact shoes, I have a pair in my closet that it is pretty close.

Want more information? Here is a great video that goes more in depth on parenting.

Parental Consultation

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